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You don’t need to own a woodland or have the responsibility of tree management for a Local Authority to need tree surveys in Powys. Tree surveys in Powys are also carried out to ascertain the risk they potentially or actually pose to the public, buildings and property. If you’re trying to buy a house which has large trees situated in close proximity to the building a mortgage lender could also require a tree survey to be undertaken; likewise if there’s an indication of building subsidence and a tree or trees are nearby the subsidence area a survey might be required to ascertain the extent of any actual or potential damage the roots may be inducing.



The most prevalent need for tree surveys in Powys arise from developers and land owners. Trees may often restrict a projected development area or occupy space adjacent to third party properties or the road.


What Information is Collected in The Survey?

A Tree Survey will collect a range of objective information on a number of trees, the focus might be site limits for development, site enhancement or straight forward safety related to The Occupiers Liability Act 1957 & 1984. This need not feature a full tree survey, but will include the legal status of trees and any disease or decay affecting prominent trees on site.

For development sites where needed, Ecological and Bat Surveys may be included to provide early warning of flora or fauna which may need particular consideration when deciding site layout and management.

For development sites a full tree survey must be carried out prior to the first site layout preparation and will include:


  • Tree dimensions: height, stem diameter, (quantity of stems), crown spread and crown height.
  • Tree condition, both physiological and structural.
  • Age Class.
  • Preliminary recommendations.
  • Root Protection Area (RPA).
  • Retention classification as per BS 5837.
  • Category grading as per BS 5837.

We offer a range of different Types of Tree Reports Dependent on your requirements we offer a range of tree services Powys to suit your needs.

PLANNING: If you are intending to submit a planning application and trees are located in the area, you’ll need a qualified Arboricultural Consultants to complete a BS 5837 tree survey. This Standard stipulates precisely what information is collected during the tree survey for inclusion in the tree report.

Our tree surveyor will assist you to acquire planning consent by minimising the effects on trees. For further information on the BS 5837 Tree Survey, please contact us today..

SAFETY: If you are concerned about the condition of trees that you are responsible for, then you require a tree survey for safety and management reasons. Our tree surveyor will closely examine each tree for defects and disease. Your tree report will recommend works to lessen risks to an appropriate level. For additional information about this type of tree survey, please contact us today..
PEOPLE MOVING HOME: If you are intending to buy or sell a home, then you need a tree survey that evaluates subsidence risk in addition to tree failure. Our tree surveyor will harvest deep soil samples near to the building foundations and assess whether subsidence is likely to develop. The tree survey will comprise of all trees in possible influencing distance, and the tree report will reccommend how to lessen risk to an acceptable level. To learn more about this sort of tree survey, please contact us today.

SUBSIDENCE MANAGEMENT: Where subsidence has already taken place, you need a tree survey to figure out if / which trees are responsible. Your tree report will recommend how to reduce future risks. For additional information about this type of tree survey, please contact us today.

LITIGATION: Where trees may have instigated damage to persons or property, our Principal Arboricultural Consultant will carry out a tree survey and produce a tree report to law court standards. To find out more about this type of tree survey, please contact us today.

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Our extensive client portfolio includes development firms, national house contractors, architects, planning consultants, landscape architects, local authorities, housing associations, schools, universities and individual home owners. For more information on tree surveys in Powys please contact Arbor Consultancy today.

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